Who is the T-shirt Quilt Company?
We're glad you asked that question!
We are you! We laugh, we love, we hope, we try. We hurt, we need, we fear, we cry. And we know you do the same things, too. So, we're really not that different, me and you. You might recognize those lines as words to a song from a few years back by country music artist, Collin Raye.  We do all those things and then some, but perhaps most importantly, we feel. We want to share our feelings with others and to remember the times that produced them. A great way to do that is to take those t-shirts bought along the way and make them a part of our daily lives by turning them into blankets and quilts that we use or display! In cold weather we wrap up in them to keep ourselves warm at the game. In warm weather we sit on them while listening to music at concerts in the park or just passing time enjoying the sunshine. We hang them on the wall! Fact is, we use them any way we want to! You get the picture! That's cool!  

We make custom quilts and blankets out of your t-shirts!
Numerous companies and even more individuals make t-shirt blankets and quilts. Quality and prices vary, and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. So, spend a little or spend a lot. We found a way to bridge the gap between inexpensively produced blankets/quilts and expensive ones, resulting in the best quality for the money. Rather than bore you with detail after detail here, we'll explain below one section at a time.
Lower Prices
The T-shirt Quilt Co. is relatively new to the scene, has few employees and low overhead. Sure, we want to make a lot of money but we know that charging high prices from the beginning is not going to win us many fans. So, get in on the ground floor and take advantage of what we offer now. Not convinced? Read on!
We scoured the internet for t-shirt quilt companies and individuals offering t-shirt products on ebay, Craig's List, etc.. We listened and learned from local quilters. We spent over a year applying techniques and using materials favored by professional quilters to see first-hand what constitutes a quality made blanket/quilt. We also learned "how not to do it." Granted, it's not rocket science, but by combining the best ideas, techniques, and materials we came up with a pretty good formula for quality blankets/quilts.
*100 Percent Polyester Anti-Pill Fleece
*100 Percent Polyester Fusible Interfacing
*100 Percent Cotton Borders and Sashing
*100 Percent Cotton Batting
*100 Percent Polyester Thread
*100 Percent Polyester Batting
*100 Percent Cotton Flannel
*Just as the blankets and quilts are made to look like you want them to look on the outside, you can choose optional materials for construction of inside and outside such as polyester batting, blended fabrics, etc.
*All blanket/quilts are assembled by experienced seamtresses and quilters
and are guaranteed to be free of 
assembly defects. In the rare event a
flaw is discovered, we will fix it without charge, including shipping.    

How We Really Do It  
We looked at t-shirt blanket/quilt prices on the internet, took into consideration  labor, materials, and craftmanship, and then we compared apples to apples. We learned that others can make quality t-shirt blanket/quilts, but we believe that we can give you better individual attention. You deserve that if you are going to spend your money on a product made with your treasured t-shirts. We promise to talk to you as much as you need to feel confident that you are getting exactly what you want.  
Our blanket/quilt makers are experienced craftsman/artists who genuinely care about what they are doing. Some sell items themselves, so they understand the importance of getting it right.

We ask you to give us a chance to make a blanket/quilt for you. We truly believe we can satisfy you. Thank you for considering The T-shirt Quilt Company!